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Astronomy in La Palma

El Observatorio Roque de los Muchachos.

10,4m - Gran Telescopio de Canarias & Telescopio Nazionale Galileo
The Observatory of El Roque de Los Muchachos from the island of La Palma (altitude 2,420 m.) is home to one of the most extensive fleets of telescopes to be found anywhere in the world. There are a number of reasons for this such as:
  • the darkness and high quality sky of the island
  • a stable atmosphere
  • the low air and light pollution
  • the observatory being above the cloud level for more than 300 days on a given year
  • The sky of La Palma is also protected by Law from 1988, which enforces the control of light pollution by regulating street lighting and air communications routes.

Therefore, La Palma has become one of the best places in the world for astronomical observation and currently has, among others, the world's largest telescope, the Gran Telescopio de Canarias (GranTeCan or GTC).

El Cielo de Canarias 2012 / The Light of Stars by Daniel López on Vimeo.