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CCD Cameras

WebCams, DSLR's, CCD's

QHY6l Cooled CCD Camera


Sony CCD sensor ICX259AL Exview CCD Mono
Effective Pixel: 752 x 582 (440 Kpixels)
Pixel Size 6.5um x 6.25um
Exposure Range 1/1000 sec to 10000 sec
AD 16 bit/pixel (0-65535ADU)
TEC One stage, -30C below ambient
USB 2.0 High speed
Download Speed 600kpixel/s for normal speed
6 Mpixel/s for Preview and focus speed
Live video mode (10fps)
Supports Binning 2 x 2
Gain Control 0-13dB
Guide Port Built in, Standard 6 PIN guide port
Readout Noise 6 -7e
Anti-Amp blooming Yes
Anti-Blooming Gate Yes

Price: 20€

AstroDSLR Eos300 mod IR Filter and T-ring


The EOS300 digital camera has been modified by replacing the standard infrared filter through a special filter for astronomy that lets the wavelengths corresponding to Halpha. This camera is particularly sensitive in this band.

The camera is offered in conjunction with an eyepiece holder adapter 2 "or 1" 1/2. Also included is a USB cable for automated fire control exposure times from inside an DSLR windows program.

Price: 20€

CCD Astro WebCam 1"1/4 barrel incl.


The Philips TouCam webcam contains an specially sensitive CCD. The original lens and infrared filter have been removed and instead, an adapted 1 "1/4 lens for astronomical use only have been installed. With it, high quality photos of planets and videos are possible (later they could be uploaded onto Registrax for instance). It connects to a PC via a USB interface that includes a long enough cable for comfort. The Philips TouCam webcam is a really simple and inexpensive camera that gives amazing results.

Price: 10€

CCD Starlight MX7C camera


The MX7C is a highly sensitive color CCD camera and designed for portability. In interlaced mode of work it is possible to read half the interlaced lines while the rest follows the exposure, so that you can track any star field and simultaneously integrate long times. The camera includes an USB interface.

Price: 20€
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