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Complete telescope sets, ready to use, including: tube, mount, eyepieces.

ETX 125mm Maksutov GoTo telecope


Maksutov Telescope Compact System - most suitable lunar and planetary observations. Very portable.

Price: 25€

Dobsonian Newton 200mm (8") F6 AutoTrack


Many amateur astronomers are fans of Dobson type telescope for visual observation, mainly for good transportability. Skywatcher is packed with new flex tubes a particularly easily manageable structural system. It has only 3 rods and can be pushed together quickly. Once arrived at the observation site, you need only to pull the tube apart and within seconds have a fully operational unit and adjusted. Even in the fully extended position, the telescope has a high rigidity. Despite its simple design, the manufacturer promises a particularly high adjustability.


Price: 40€

Dobsonian Newton 300mm (12") F4.9 GoTo


With the 305mm Skywatcher Dobson created a classic reinvented. Thanks to a new patented sliding rod, the device is very easy to transport. In addition, can be shifted flexibly via the shift linkage, the focal point.

Price: 60€
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