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Astronomy events & sky watching evenings.

We design and organise astronomical events of all kinds and for all audiences. These events may coincide with important events in astronomy as falling stars, comets, conjunction of planets, or simply you can join us to observe one of the best night skies in the world in the island of La Palma. Come and watch with the help of our telescopes the Moon, planets, galaxies and other celestial objects.

Announcements and details of each of such events are on our website calendar and also on facebook as for example our Lunar Chill Outs. Alternatively you can subscribe to our website to receive information on regular basis. Note that this type of events do not usually include transfers. We strongly recommend wearing warm clothes even in summer; a flashlight is advisable. Further details on: info@astrolapalma.com.

These events are also available on request.

Price range: 8-35 Euros. Family & groups discount apply.
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