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Observing events for amateur astronomers - Star parties

As an amateur astronomer would like to come over to La Palma?

We organize observing events for amateur astronomers and/or starparties. AstroLaPalma.com has the capacity to organize all the logistics of the events. We can arrange anything from travelling, accommodation, transfers, the theming of the event, telescope rental, etc. See our travel packages section, some of our offers and our poster for Starparties (see below). For further details contact us at: strong>info@astrolapalma.com.

Alternatively, for amateur astronomers, we can offer telescope rental only. Click here to see more about rental.

Observing with the International Meteor Conference group - Sept 2012 - La Palma - astrolapalma.com

Starparties Poster
Starparties Poster - La Palma - astrolapalma.com